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digha, West Bengal

Digha Tourism- Beach in Kolkata

Digha, or formerly known as Beerkul is a beach resort town of West Bengal. Situated on the shores of Bay of Bengal, Digha is located at a distance of 183km from Kolkata. The shallow sand beaches and pictorial scenarios of Digha have made it a favored holiday destination for the people of West Bengal.

Digha was founded in 18th by British after they were charmed by its surreal beauty. Surrounded by Casuarinas trees, Digha was also referred as the 'Brighton of the East' in Warren Hastings' letter (1780). The periphery of Digha is decked with resorts and restaurant. Tourists can buy accessories made from sea shell or avail boating facilities while visiting Digha. Over the years, the soil has eroded and over population has become an issue in Digha, yet the magnetic charisma never fails to astonish the travelers. There are many places to visit in and around Digha.

Places to visit in Digha

New Digha

Located at a distance of 2km from Digha is a man made beach called New Digha. Compared to original Digha, New Digha has a much wider, cleaner, and well maintained shores. Being a new found beach it is less crowded and more easily accessible from nearby hotels. Shrouded from the maddening crowd, New Digha has become a place to find solace.

Marine Aquarium And Research Centre (Marc)

Founded in 1989 by the National Council of Science Museum is one of the favored attractions of Digha, Marine Aquarium and Research Centre. Commonly known as MARC, Marine Aquarium and Research Centre of Digha is the Asia's largest Marine Aquarium. The 38 tanks in MARC attracted visitor all year round. It is an ideal place to learn about the marine ecosystem.

Chandaneswar Shiva Temple

Apart from shallow beaches, Digha is known for being a pilgrimage centre. Located at a distance of 8km from Digha is Chandaneswar Shiva Temple. Chandaneswar is a part of Odisha. Visitors can take auto or bus from Digha to reach this sacred temple. During Maha Vishuva Shivaratri Day (Oriya New Year), devotes from far and wide travel towards Chandaneswar to war the idol of Lord Shiva.

Udaipur Beach

Udaipur Beach is one of the less trodden tourist destination in West Bengal. It is located close to Orissa border at a distance of 3km from Digha Station. Visitors can enjoy the warmth of silvery beach without the maddening tourist rush in Udaipur Beach. West Bengal Tourism has setup tent accommodation for visitors in Udaipur.

Talsari Beach

Surrounded by the palm trees and paddy field is another lesser known beach near Digha called Talsari Beach. It is located at a distance of 8km from Digha. Talsari Beach is a part of Odisha and famous for its red crabs. The serene ambiance, tropical weather and unique receding waters all year round make it Talsari a popular destination for adventure seekers and those looking for solitude.

Amarabati Park

Amarabati Park is another tourist attraction in Digha. It is located at a 5-10 min walking distance. Also known as Snake Park of Digha, Amarabati Park is one of the few places where visitor can observe the exotic and dangerous snake. The boating facility in serene lake is another added charm of visiting Amarabati Park.

Kajol Digha Wonderland

Located at a walking distance of 10min from Amarabati Park is Kajol Digha Wonderland. Built around a serene natural lake, Kajol Digha Wonderland shows a fine blend of scenic beauty of nature and thrill of an amusement park. Here, visitors can avail boating facility and toy train ride. There is a recreational centre with swings, slides, and seesaw for the children visiting Kajol Digha Wonderland.

Best time to visit Digha

Being a tropical area the best time to visit Digha to relish its natural beauty is from November to March.

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