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kalimpong, West Bengal

Travel to Kalimpong- Kalimpong Tourism

Nestled on the edge of Eastern Himalayas is a historically prominent hill station called Kalimpong. It is located near by Darjeeling in West Bengal region. Perched at an altitude of 1247mt, Kalimpong is much warmer than Darjeeling. It is situated between the ridge of two hills, Deolo and Durpin. The blissful weather and the view of roaring river Teesta have attracted many travelers towards Kalimpong.

Kalimpong being a historic town has many infrastructures from colonial era. These places still hold the lingering essence of British Raj. Enclosed by the dense forested area of Neora valley Kalimpong is a nature bound place. Those forests are dotted with astounding trekking routes which leads to some pictorial destinations like Lava, and Lolegaon. Kalimpong sometimes acts like a base for adventurers who want to explore the thick wooded forest of Neora valley. There are many places to visit in Kalimpong.

Places to visit in Kalimpong

Kalimpong is a quaint & sleepy hill station of West Bengal. Kalimpong has a lot to offer to its visitors. Whether you are searching for peace and serenity or you are looking for an adventurous vacation, Kalimpong is the best place for you. Let us explore the sightseeing places of Kalimpong here in detail.

Deolo Hill

It is one of the two hills on which the Kalimpong town is based upon. Situated at an altitude of 1704mt, Deolo Hill is the highest point of Kalimpong. Overlooking the roaring river Teesta, Deolo Hill with its view of snow clad mountains of western Sikkim has enthralled the mind if many travelers. Visitors can also stay in the vintage guest house of Deolo Hill while traveling to Kalimpong. With its recreational park and well manicured garden, Deolo Hill has become favored a picnicking spot in Kalimpong.

Dr Graham's Homes

Built in 1900, Dr Graham's Homes is a heritage site of Kalimpong. Located in the lower hill of Deolo, Dr Graham's Homes has hyped the interest of many travelers with its colonial style architecture. There's a museum that commemorates Graham and his wife, Katherine.

Pineview Nursery

Located on the outskirts of Kalimpong town is a well known nursery called Pineview Nursery also known as Kalimpong Cactus Nursery. Housing more than 150 species of cactus and orchids, Pineview Nursery is known to be the paradise for botany enthusiast visiting Kalimpong.

Durpin Dara

Durpin Dara is located at the south west side of Kalimpong at an elevation of 1372mt. It is the second highest point in Kalimpong. Overlooking the Deolo Hill, on a clear day Durpin Dara offers a complete view of Kalimpong. The prime attraction of Durpin Dara is the Zang Dhok Palri Monastery or commonly known as Durpin Monastery. Consecrated by the Dalai Lama in 1976, Durpin Monastery is a Tibetan monastery which houses many sacred relics brought from Tibet after the invasion of China.

Lepcha Museum

Lepcha Museum, as the name suggests it is a museum dedicated to the Lepcha community. It is located at a distance of 2km from main market area of Kalimpong. Lepcha Museum with its various articles like traditional clothing, musical instruments, preserves and showcases the customs of Lepcha community.

Crookety House

Located in the upper part of Kalimpong is a heritage cottage styled bungalow called Crookety House. Built in 18th century by the British flee merchant, Crookety House still hold the remnant of Colonial era. The well kept garden, idyllic environment and astounding architecture of Crookety House has attracted and ensnared the heart of many travelers visiting Kalimpong.


Situated at a distance of 34km from Kalimpong, is a scenically blessed hamlet called Lava. It is one of the new found jewels of Kalimpong Tourism. Perched at an altitude of 2138mt, Lava is one the few places which receives snowfall. Lava with its proximity with Neora Valley has emerged as a hub for adventurer and nature lover. The serene ambiance and laid back life style of Lava has made it the perfect getaway destination from the rambunctious city life.


Lolegaon is a scenic Lepcha hamlet in Kalimpong situated on the extreme of Himalayan ridge just 24km away from Lava. Endowed with rich flora and fauna, the prime attraction of Lolegaon is the Canopy Walk, an 180mt long suspended bridge. The Canopy Walk is the ideal way to relish the beauty of the Heritage Pine forest surrounding Lolegaon. Nearby Lolegaon is a vantage point called Jhandi dara which offers the panoramic view of the Himalayan snowline.

Changey Fall

Located at a distance of 14km from Lolegaon is Changey Fall, the highest altitude waterfall in North Bengal. Travelers have been mesmerized by the mystic charm of this 400ft high water fall.

Neora Valley National Park

Founded in 1986 is a nature bound place called Neora Valley National Park. Sprawled in the periphery of Kalimpong District, Neora Valley is dotted with astounding trekking route. Known as the land of elegant red panda, Neora Valley is the last virgin forest in the country.


Rishop is quaint Himalayan hamlet located at distance of 11km from Lava and 35km from Kalimpong. Enclosed by verdant forest of Neora Valley, Rishop caught the attention of travelers with its unhindered view of Mt Kanchenjunga. Far from the bustling ruckus of city life, Rishop offers peace and tranquility to its visitors.

Pedong Monastery

Sangchen Dorjee Monastery or also known as Pedong Monastery is a Buddhist Monastery located at a distance of 20km from Kalimpong. It was built in 1837 under the commandment of Bhutan King. Situated close to Damsang Fort, Pedong Monastery is the oldest monastery in Kalimpong Sector. Visitors can observe a large number of old painting while visit Pedong Monastery.

Best time to visit Kalimpong

The temperature of Kalimpong usually remains quite moderate and soothing. March to May and September to November is the best time to relish the beauty and historical significance of the place. Kalimpong receives heavy rainfall during the months of June to August which causes landslides making it difficult for travellers to visit the destination.

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